Your New Home for Geek Culture in Bristol.

Coming Q3 2019


The Mana House was founded to bring together Bristol’s geeks, from all hobbies, under one relaxed roof. To cultivate the communities, and embody the casual and competitive sides to the hobbies we love.

We offer delicious food and drink to those who need a rest, and space for those to enjoy their tabletop interests. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, the Mana House is delighted to welcome you into the community.

Below you’ll find a small range of what we have to offer, and links to get you started.



We provide table space for Warhammer 40K to Age of Sigmar, and everything in between, fully customizable with in-house terrain and mats to allow our patrons to truly immerse themselves in the battle at hand.

Trading Card Games

From Magic: The Gathering to the Pokemon Trading Card Game all the way to Yu-Gi-Oh! we provide both casual and competitive support for all our TCGs.


Role-playing and Board Games

Our cosy rooms ensure you and your party have the most comfortable and immersive space to indulge in your favourite RPG systems and board games.