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What We Do!

The Mana House was founded with one goal in mind; to grow the entire geek community of Bristol and bring them all under one roof.

Offering food, drink and space for not only seasoned veterans of various tabletop games but also to the uninitiated who’ve always wanted to dip their toe into the vast ocean that is the hobbyist community.

Below you’ll find a small range of what we will offer and links to set you in the right direction.


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Wargaming Tables

We provide table space for Warhammer 40K to Age of Sigmar to everything in between and are customizable with terrain and mats to allow our patrons to truly immerse themselves in their hobbies.

Trading Card Games

From Magic: The Gathering to the Pokemon Trading Card Game all the way to Yu-Gi-Oh! we provide both casual and competitive support for all our TCGs!


Role-playing and Board Games

We want to ensure that you and your party have the most comfortable and immersive space possible to grow and indulge in your favorite Role Playing and Board Games.


The Mana House aims to be THE destination for all geeks in Bristol.
— Our Goal

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